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l'élan is French for "leap"
A basic word, but here we leave the lexical interpretation
words bring all images
The word l'élan stimulates the imagination
It will be very different again
You might think of literal flight,
I don't care if I indulge in deep contemplation
Or do not know the meaning of language,
You can even enjoy the audio itself
Transforming the image received from sight and hearing is
It is nothing less than our own imagination.
Competing for food diversity based on "what to eat"
As an adverse effect, such as depletion of marine resources and food loss,
A problem was born that the ingredients themselves were neglected
Reflecting on the negative aspects brought about by the diversification of food,
So-called slow food and food education
It can be said that the movement became popular
The idea behind these movements is
Not only the cooked finished product,
Let us turn our attention to the production and distribution of ingredients , as well as food culture,
“How to eat” in the diversity of food
gave new meaning
Living in diversity is a series of choices
The chef selects ingredients and decides how to prepare and serve them.
There are always choices in the process
In addition, the responsibility of the deliverables, from production to distribution,
We owe it to all those involved in consumption
Each dish that is completed at the end of these choices is
It is built on a delicate balance between nature and man,
It's like a miracle that it's given shape as a dish
"Miracle" does not depend only on the skill of the chef
Leave traces here and there in everyday life
facing life and history,
It is essential to work to reconsider one's own roots
For the fertility of food that nature and human beings weave,
A chef has a responsibility
Our life options have expanded dramatically
But to act in the grace of freedom
with various difficulties
Without saying too much, these difficulties
I feel the environment surrounding food these days
Not related to shortness of breath
Providing a place where vitality truly thrives and imagination soars
The l'élan concept of
Awareness of these issues
I am proud that it can be one answer​



Ryoma Shida